Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Battlefield bad company 2

Battlefield bad company 2

RE: battlefield 3 Alpha trial. OK, here goes. So far, even if it is an early build of the game feel it hasn't changed much from the battlefield 2, but it has moved towards the battlefield: bad company 2, Rush mode that I played.

The graphics are very good, as expected, but as I'm using a beta graphics driver and there is some tearing. Some of the movements stop working randomly, especially the jump and crawl but come back. It sounds a bit weedy and more weapons sound the same. Perhaps some balance needed with their weapons, as some seem to have a hit, no headshot kills while others will forever. You have not had the opportunity to use a tank yet, so can't comment.

There are few areas where there are choke points that result in fire fights which is very exciting and parts was could no longer cover for approaches. The zones hitherto the Metro Park, with many small rooms and close quarters and full access to buildings for harassment on the streets. The aspect of the disaster, I believe, is not fully implemented or but it is still possible to blow holes in buildings, to remove the annoying snipers/ordinary caravans.

Overall, I believe that if the levels have this kind of scale then everyone should be happy. It is like three or four Call Of Duty levels are collapsed together, but with different ways to play each one. A bulldozer is a little console users as I heard that the levels will be scaled back to preserve the graphical details and destructibility at high level.

As you can tell that I'm not much of a reviewer, but if there is anything within the limits that you want to know, just ask and we will try better.

GC: it sounds like you are at the same level of operating Metro that our role was at E3.

Tough decision
Sorry to see what happens to Nintendo at the moment. Let us hope that things will go well.  The only thing I would like to do is to announce that U Wii will have a decent sized internal hard drive. I believe that making a big mistake if they can do this as it will not compete well with it (PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360) or the next generation that will have them as standard apparently. I know that you plug a USB hard disk, but that is an optional component and, therefore, not considered here.

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