Thursday, August 4, 2011

Take the money and run

Take the money and run

Take the money and run, produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, premiered on ABC Tuesday night. The show, which broadcast for six weeks, centers around several couples who try to commit the perfect crime. Two hiders is given a Briefcase containing $ 100,000, and a time to hide it in a big city. Then two detectives and two interrogators walk the rest of the presentation you are trying to find.

Critics were mixed about the success of the show.

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"Plenty of game shows make me worry about the overall situation of humanity. But it often took a crushing ' stupidity ' or something else which is annoying but generally unlikely to ruin society as a whole, as we know it. But ABC's take the money and run may be the first game show which rewards criminal ingenuity, "writes Ryan McGee during the review for the Onion AV Club.

"It is one thing to play people in Big Brother: after all, that is a stand-alone show that won't affect anything outside of the body except the audience's sense of self-loathing. However, take the money and run larceny has been built very DNA. Not only that, but for people currently on the fence about turning a life of crime, this presentation could provide reason to indulge their inner Tony Montana, "continues.

"Take the money and run seems to say to viewers at home," it seems all these police procedurals track? ABO! Be very a freakin' criminal idiofiya! It's easy! Just follow the easy steps» "Add."Now, I am not saying this show is going to contribute directly to a wave of mass crime the Sweltering month of August. But I'm sure more than a few people will cover themselves by looking at the national ratings, considering the current accounts, looking at this show and since then I am tempted to join the dark side. "

Brian Tallerico of, writes that the show "gets very stupid."

"Ten minutes or so of ABC'S new reality competition series to take the money and run is relatively promising and fun. Then, all are very stupid. Not unlike watching others stage fake the murder mystery, the foundation of take the money and run falls away when people start dealing taking WAY too seriously. Finally, I was unsure if the entirety of the show was not a complete hoax. We are not. When you run, "he writes.

Lucas high on army Geek TV says, "nothing about the show make sense, really." our notes that there is a lot of incentive to win and you have not already finessed the rules.

"Absolutely no consideration seems to have been to discuss the rules will make the game interesting and challenging," he writes. "After 48 hours, if it has been established, Briefcase, detectives split $ 100,000. If Briefcase is still missing, the hiders receives cash. Whatever the outcome, the interrogators won nothing. These are the rules. Nothing more, nothing less. "

But 858-2 Brown on the Television friend was a fan of show, talking about "probably the most brilliant reality competition ever aired."

The show operates under the assumption that everyday, law-abiding folk like you and I would very much like to believe that it is the main criminals, "she writes. "Take the money and run is successful in downloading the viewer that he or she has a probability of at least fight to a life of criminal activity. And crime has never been so fun. "

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