Friday, August 5, 2011

Best movies of 2010

Best movies of 2010

The best film never see coming. At the age of anxiety is this redux of familiar planet of the apes series which is largely based on this discovery as it charges ahead in uncertain. The terrain is amazing technology part, part human self-loathing for what we do, we've done our own upset despair about our future, and rumination, part of the animal within: all sonar and quakes, one of 2011? s best movies.

Never underestimate the element of surprise. Expectations are running high — it was thought it would be as campy as old world monkeys movies or worse, both poor and Tim Burton. What more would not, of course, was that the rise of planet of the apes would be so character driven: because the technology is seamless now, there is very little distinction between our AWE and our emotional reaction. But even with a film like this there will always be those who refuse to take it seriously because the technology is scary, which of course is part of the central theme of the movie.

The reason to see this movie is great at what you can do with motion capture if you have the correct actor (Andy Serkis) and FX (WETA), and a Director (Rupert Wyatt) knows how to tell a good story, it's almost offensive, for example, how long does it take to start doing the movie. Take the time to bring the audience headlong action. We have little hints here and there, but at some point it sinks that are not going to get non-stop action and violence in our culture is accustomed to ADD. So this joint calls down, sit back and absorb this odd character of Caesar.

The increase, planet of the apes comes in the same year as project Nim, and a year or so after a big chimp anzilla bit a woman's face. Nim is a documentary about animal experimentation gone awry — this idea that man somehow could domesticate a chimp anzilla and teach sign language proved the forced nature of the repression, it is not something you can teach at birth, but rather, something which must be kept of the primates. Nim could not help the animal within. Did not speak. But it might be more useful to consider what had Nim instead for what was not. And this is what heightened the chimps that evolve with the help of a drug in the film.

Apes freak by humans because it is so like us, and yet so different. It is the nearest thing we — are, in some cases, with an amazing 5% difference between us and chimps. Reveal what we buried each day: sexual impulses, exposed rage. The animal in us has long suffered a turnaround in our heart we're underground but yet primal and we are apes. What separates us from them, i.e. 5% difference, standing upright and use our much larger brain. If the study would know that nothing is happening this cannot happen: we have bigger brains cannot take any more because of the size of the human pelvis. The size of the human pelvis cannot take any more because then we could walk. I had to walk so that they could run from predators and to bring our young people. These are all just theories about why humans evolved the way they did and why chimps went the way they did.

Nobody knows if chimps could develop due to an environmental factor or mutation to another million years. That might be. And could be part of this development, intelligence and Walking upright. Dolphins, whales or dog could also be developed. We already know the elephants are much more clever than we ever realized. It is only our own ignorance and the narcissism that prevents us from really looking and seeing what really are the animals.

The film is infused with terror and uncertainty about the world we have built for ourselves. There is a feeling that you have the hand we've addressed — a astronomical, six million years or so of evolution — and royally fucked things up. Most of the country's medicines to curb depression, even children. The truth is that our technology is moving much faster than we can manage while we live longer we are also concerned about the future – a future that is criticized and less promising over time.

The same kind of mistrust and anxiety was woven through the late ' 60s and ' 70s — therefore, it is not surprising that still resonates from prescient view. Things are even more tense in 2011 because I really do not know what will be the end of the human race, although many of us are starting to think it won't be too far away – it could be a super virus could be a nuclear war could be global warming, could be … mobile phones. Just do not know. And with this white noise live daily.

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