Thursday, August 4, 2011

Online citizen

Online citizen

Online portal-citizen journalism SIGKAPOYRIS Stomp away came the biggest winner in the fourth Awards Singapore Infocomm Technology Federation (SiTF), held on Tuesday evening in the College of arts.
Stomp beat eight other finalists – after the original list of 24 applicants were trimmed – to win the best Mobile application. Significantly, also was chosen by a short list of the 52 finalists to take home coveted judges Choice award.

Judges Choice award, which was inaugurated last year awarded to innovations that have the greatest market opportunities.

In total there are 13 categories with 177 entries, which was an increase of 20% over the past year.

A press statement said the app Stomp was chosen "for the smart use of mobile technology" to facilitate instant news broadcasts, favouring citizen journalism. Wins was particularly pleasing, as it was the first time you Stomp has been in the contest.

Mr Chew v. Ming, editor of Stomp, said: "Won the awards reaffirm what made the team Stomp over the connection, to engage and interact with our readers."

Initially, the stomp began in June 2006 as a place for readers, the Straits Times, to mingle and hold online discussions.

Mr Chew noted that Singapore, a part of the Stomp website, which provides user-submitted stories, "took on a life of its own" shortly after he started.

"More and more people came onto the site, appointment of Stomp aim, which was to bring people to react and engage with each other," he said of the portal that averages over 90 million page views per month. "The content created by citizen journalism strikes chord with Singaporeans, and many of the stories often do the Stomp breaks theme for discussion in Singapore," he added.

However, Mr Chew said that the group is not installed, however, Stomp.

Already developing the second version of Stomp the iPhone app, as well as a specially for Android phones, Android app slated to begin in the next two months.

SiTF Awards organized by the SiTF to recognize innovative applications and solutions developed in Singapore.

The Singapore Premier SiTF is-infocomm industry association, brings together some 400 corporate members from multinationals and local companies.

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