Saturday, August 13, 2011

Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty

In "the sleeping beauty," Catherine Breillat adamant and trendy version of the story, Princess Enchanted just outside a Lazzaro 100 years old. This also affects the way, hiking and horseback riding adventure.

After taking the Bluebeard in the previous movie, Breillat has turned into a more familiar history, transforming a universal history of women in a particular girl, Anastasia (played first by Carla Bes nainou, and then by Julia Artamonov) and the world makes the imaginative longing.

As he did in "Bluebeard" Breillat puts a child at the Centre of the "sleeping beauty", as if they wanted to get their hands on the girl (who can be regarded as a rapismata for all the girls) before the story is the way with her.

The way Anastasia trips is its own, and if it is really so and Breillat is filled with entertainment, digressions and talking about life and Marianne. "I hated girls," Anastasia says at one point, casting contempt for some wee ballerinas. Fortunately, there is dancing and singing bandits to amuse her (and us), a few flashes the knife and a snow Queen who fails in dark window as if through a dark lake.

"Sleeping beauty" is driven by ideas rather than luxury illusionism. Costumes, settings and aesthetic boils are more convincing than those of "Bluebeard," which was a cheap look. And "the sleeping beauty" is more thoughtfully imagined and art-directed, although it's too bad this wasn't shot on film. Digital images can look thin and you do not have the density and near-tactile quality that Breillat sometimes seem to seek.

View of female desire and explorations of masochism and heterosexual romantic fantasies and fallacies, love that is fitting should be regurgitating Breillat tales. The pleasures of her work is the commitment and seriousness, and perversion of raw, sometimes very funny: This lets everything stop responding without apologizing.

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