Monday, August 1, 2011

Beauty and the beast

Beauty and the beast

When you have two vehicles called Yeti and Grand Cherokee, I tend to know that you deal with the city runabouts. However, while these two cars from Skoda and Jeep, respectively — are either end-of-concept SUV, and the two come laden with Add-ons that make a feather-wheel rims softie the Marlboro man.

The Yeti is an extraordinary place and well-built vehicle which goes under the label "crossover", to appeal to both the country as a whole and the urban family. Its prospectus, it is represented in the 4 × 4 form perched on a rocky hill overlooking a Lake, while two pages later, a set of urban coldness in the city streets. I am not hiding the fact that this is my favorite for a car that was launched in the past two years, and it seems that my feelings strongly echoed in Britain. Last week, it was announced that the car? investigation of 52,563 people, Skoda has emerged as the top "most satisfactory brand for their own".

Czech manufacturer controlled by VW group scored high satisfaction rating, characterisation of 88.4 percent, putting it before any other automobile manufacturer research.

Four Skoda models and rating the overall most satisfactory brand products made in the top 10 research — multi-award winning Yeti (4th); the flagship Superb buildings (6th); and two generations of Superb openings in the hull (ninth and tenth). All this achieved approval score higher than 94% — an exceptional performance. The top car was the version of the Toyota Yaris Verso, which was built between 2000 and 2005.

Here, steadily increasing in Skoda market share, reaching a record share of 5.6 percent in 2010 with a stated aim to become a top five bestselling car brand until 2016.

Thus, there was probably an intelligible bit of complacency around as I travelled by road to the Yeti Greenline version until early last week.

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