Monday, August 1, 2011

Salt movie

Salt movie

Garish colors shown 3D and anger these days, when it comes to releases of the film. While personally I think 3D rather distract from the actual movie, it is a blessing, as terrible Henry – concerned about the movie.
Based (loosely I might add) on the popular children's books by author Francesca Simon EMAS, this big screen adaptation is a strange something tries to by an anarchist comics for children. Believe me, any genuine anarchist children worth their salt will get more from cheat very insufficient, while the films children could learn a trick or two from the old St. Trinian movies.

Henry terrible of Theo Stevenson did not much like the mischievous imp books illustrations; It actually seems to be wholesome and baby-face – as a spoilt brat who gets showered with sweets from gran. This image is exactly what the movie Henry played up, so that he can trick the regrettable "victims" again and again. Only long-suffering teacher Miss Battle-Axe and peers know better. Both fed until they is continuous with Henry's failure to produce home, the terrible pranks and ambitions to become a teen rock star (instead of an exemplary disciple), and finally to expel him from school. If it is believed that the lucky day then was unfair, Henry is simply sent to another school: an all-girl school, making it the perfect humiliation. Of course, this does not stop him from getting along with archenemy Moody Margaret (Scarlett Stitt) and the purple hand gang to fight epiboyleyomenos Director Vic Van Wrinkle (Richard e. Grant). VIC wants Henry's school closed, so that parents are forced to send their children to school instead of making it rich in-process.

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