Monday, August 1, 2011

The city

The city

STEWARTSTOWN, Nh – less than 2 miles from the Canadian border, this small community is typical for a small town in almost every trivial way. Dinner waitresses ask if customers want "standard. '' People leave front doors unlocked and the keys in the ignition of the car. Gas stations, drivers fill their tanks and pay into it later.
But last week, lives in the village of West Stewartstown was far from typical.

More than 100 law enforcement officials from New Hampshire and Vermont, the FBI, the US border patrol, and fish and game Department have been combing over the city of 386 – one of the most northernmost outposts of New Hampshire – and the surrounding area. Massachusetts State police to search yesterday.

Everyone is looking for the girl Celina Cass, 11-year-old night seen Monday meeting, the computer in the bedroom.

So far, authorities have not said what they think happened. But, using every tactic in their arsenal to find it. Around forests are investigated by officers on foot, in all-terrain vehicles, helicopters, and with the assistance of the police canine units.

Officials with the New Hampshire fish and game, reduced water levels on the banks of the Connecticut River on the hunt. A mobile cellphone tower was installed in the town of aid with communication between law enforcement agencies.

And yesterday, FBI agent Kieran Ramsey announced that the $ 25,000 reward offered for information about the girl, retained, or that it will lead to the arrest and prosecution of any person responsible for the disappearance. Another $ 5,000 offered by an anonymous donor.

At a news conference last night, Senior Assistant Attorney General Jane Young gave little additional information about the progress of the investigation, saying only that the dive groups are searching for bodies of water. This is encouraged to continue submitting tips to the public.

"Look at these tips, and sharpening the investigation through these tips, '' he said.

So far, Cass's family has not spoken publicly about the disappearance. A candle vigil Friday night in the Park of the city – a demonstration held each evening after the disappearance of Cass – the family remained in the Centre of the crowd, friends, and neighbors forming a circle around them to protect them from the standpoint of news cameras.

The family is stuck blankets across the front porch of their home and "NO TRESPASSING '' posted to warn of the TV news vans parked in the neighborhood.

West Stewartstown is a village in Stewartstown, which has about 1,000 residents, who seem to have a strong sense of identity as one or the other.

People that don't understand how this could have happened here, in the small town thought it was safer than the proudly cities like Concord or Manchester.

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