Sunday, August 7, 2011



But their pitching tents on the lawn of the Prime Minister to raise cash for children's charity sparks.
15 boys and girls are members of the Beaver colony Broomwood from 12th/14 Westside Scout group of Battersea in South London.

For some of the six-to eight-years lie in his home, "our" will be the first night away from home.

And to give a tour inside the residence, participants will receive a badge with the front door of number 10 to show in their livery.
Beaver Lucy looks outside in a tent camp in Downing Street is described as an "amazing experience"

The badge was designed by the leader of the Group Harvey Ward, who will supervise their stay Saturday night along with three older Scouts.

"The family is a fantastic organisation Scout. This helps to equip young people with great ability and teaches them new things, "said Mr. Ward.

"In fact, when taught how sparks help newborn babies, the team decided to raise money for the cause.

"Call on volunteers, and while we have a huge waiting list of children, it would be wonderful if more leaders could join in the fun too.

"I am sure the beaver sleepover is going to be an amazing experience for all concerned, and that children will remember for the rest of their lives.

"How many people can say they have slept in the back garden of Downing Street?"

Meals will be prepared in the preamble, where US President Barack Obama help with BBQ earlier this year.

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