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Audrina Patridge

Audrina Patridge

Audrina Patridge is now for the new show, and VH1 has determined to live the dreams of – even if her mother, Lynne, sister Casey and her brother a little Marky each seem determined to bring the drama in ways that distracting in the series premiere of Audrina.
"I love my family, and regardless of how crazy it gets, I would like my family," Audrina says. But the sibs and MOM can be tempting for Audrina to go its own way and to leave behind.
Audrina has a to secure a level-headed, as raised by the first bikini shoot in Palm Springs-calendar. Aware that the sexy scene could be too much for the friend BMX racer Corey Bohan to accept. For a time, therefore, is not so bad that it is in Australia, where he lives part of the year.
"Posing half-naked in front of a bunch of guys, you all know your hesitation and trying to make the best and look sexy and pose and is super inconvenient," he says. "There Is not a good thing because it does not Corey I wanted what was going on".
Audrina says is extremely positive working photographer Willy, who is shot for Vogue and Playboy!
"You know every time I'm 60," says, "I can look back and to have this calendar to show my grandkids — look, this is what I used to look like!"

But as Willy urges Audrina to make love to the camera — "Stick your butt," which covers. "Maybe the knees" — is clearly uncomfortable.

"This could get a little weird at times," admits Audrina.
That is also a good way to describe how things go with her mother, who is always on the edge, it passed so easily in anger and tears. A dinner with the Steakhouse falls, Lynne tries to get her husband to look next photo session to make sure that there is "not too much hoochie-Mama stuff."

But mark, Audrina describes as "the rock that keeps us grounded," says the last thing he wants to see is the daughter of arching back into carnal Swimwear.

"Sexy photo shoots to me somewhat uncomfortable," he says. And believes that Audrina is old enough to take decisions in 26 on its own.
Lynne is also a problem with the decision of Audrina to move outside of the Hollywood Hills home, where it says that it does not feel safe anymore. Even Audrina's hopes to move in with her Marky is not enough for MOM.

Audrina, Marky is always the life of the party and my best friend ", says as they go outside the house-hunting together. But it is a little nervous about whether life would mean Marky venue will turn it into a new party central.
His eyes light up when looking at the first House has a upper room which could serve as a dance floor is equipped with a DJ. Still, this is the body best Audrina like after visiting a few other locations. Like privacy.

A rare family dinner that includes all children and mark and Lynne starts quite calmly. But with her sister Casey Audrina on the table at a time when peaceful does not last too long. When Audrina reveals this is heading for Fashion Week in NYC to walk the runway for Badgley Mischka, Casey feels that it is he who should accompany — because "old MOM!"

That gets triggered by Lynne. Somehow I do not think Casey is the error. "Never stop my Mama," she says. But it sure looks like Casey knows how to push the buttons of Lynne — and that it will enjoy it!
It is also clear that Audrina knows this will be reduced if it allows you to receive family of battles in the streets. It seems that definition about including siblings and her parents in adventures.
For a girl who is very intelligent about withdrawing his career, which may not be the smarter idea!

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