Sunday, April 24, 2011

Extreme Makeover Home Edition

Extreme Makeover Home Edition

Tonight on ABC's Extreme Makeover Home Edition team met with the family Hall, Kansas. Carl and Stacey is the proud parents of four great kids. About a year ago, older daughter Megan was driving the family home from a basketball tournament and the unthinkable. The SUV that resulted in the reversal and Carl was paralyzed from the neck down. This family oriented sports affected in so many levels, but the most basic need of housing has been more difficult. Having lived in a bi-level home, Carl was never to return to their homeland. The family moved to a proprietary partition that is really too small for the person in the wheelchair. Carl and Stacey, sweethearts from the gymnasium, haven't even been able to share a bed from the accident, and sleep in the garage has been converted.

When the crew EMHE strengthened, with the help of Bob Cook builders erected a House very quickly since someone donated a new plot of land and the demolition was not required. The family was sent to Orlando, FL, to visit Mickey Mouse, and to visit with some Baseball teams that were there in spring training! Since Karl was an all-star Baseball Player for four years, while alive, was very enthusiastic member to see this part of the family vacation. Paul Dimeo, one of the designers, even flew down to introduce Carl and his family, Derek Jeter of the New York Mets. Carl had previously said Derek was the role model.

Meanwhile, back in Kansas, the crew work has created a home where they could be independent and to have some freedom of movement throughout the body, but also allow him to reconnect with his family, especially his favorite sport baseball Carl. Brent Bushnell of Syn-Labs intervene with some unique technology to allow Carl to work pitching machine through a piece of his mouth, similar to the technology used for moving the stroller. CVS pharmacy hoisted a huge amount of technology to enable it to even from inside a heated gym half Court with a TV/video screen in order to pitch inside when it is hot Carl

Whole-body was voice activated systems for Carl to be able to do many of the key things that we all are. It is now able to turn on and off, the lights, as well as open doors and set the thermostat, all by voice. It is also able to reduce the bed and move the bathtub, which has one side that reduces down to easily get in and out of this. There are around the fireplace at home plate signed by many of the volunteers who helped with construction and design of the new House Hall.

There were so many beautiful things to take home a pleasant. Carl had previously said, "when you have lemons, make lemonade and I love lemonade!" when the family entered their new kitchen there was xestwn lemonade, lemons on the counter and kitchen were painted with yellow. Because the family is both sporting orientation, Carl even coaches basketball yet, the crew created a family mascot, which was modeled after lizard's son Logan pet lizard.

The community came together during a chilly week to honor a man who had made the difference in the community. Sears donated $ 30,000 in the ball where Carl had played as a boy. In return, it was renamed the Carl Hall family Sports Complex. Before returning to home made a stop at the University where mater and surprised with recruits in the Hall of Fame at WSU Shockers.

The Hall family is now living in a House that is a model of technology exhibit for the person arrested and trapped in a wheelchair. Show was awesome, as always! It is fascinating to see how people can pull together is a blessing to someone else. At the same time I was impressed with a very sad feeling for many families struggling with meeting the basic domestic needs for the Favorites who are President bound. That got to be very disappointing to know the technology is there, but the average home owner is not in a position to provide such extravagancies.

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