Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hong Kong Film Awards 2011

Hong Kong Film Awards 2011

Action film has won Gallants during 2011 Hong Kong Film Awards, picking up the prize.
The film, about a kung fu master who agrees to train four students, after awakening from a coma, also landed co-stars Teddy Robin and Susan Shaw best actress and supporting actress honours.
Robin also picked up the winner for best Prize for his work on the movie soundtrack.
Another big winner in Sunday's (17 Apr 11) film ceremony was Hong Kong director Tsui Hark fantasy epic detective Dee and the mystery of the ghost flame.
Absolutely claimed the prize for Best Director, while the leading lady, Carina Lau, was named best actor.

The film also picked up awards for art, costume and makeup, sound design and Visual effects.
Other big winners included Nicholas Tse, who took home the best actor for known portrayal of a police informant in the stool pigeon House and award-winning cinematographer Peter Pau with Oscar, who landed the prize for best cinematography for his work on the biopic of the ancient Chinese philosopher Confucius.
He was also a longtime agent of Jackie Chan Willie Chan for achieving Professional. Chan and Hong Kong POP star Jacky Cheung, another famous client, were among the stars who paid tribute to industry mogul.

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