Thursday, April 28, 2011

decision day 21 may

decision day 21 may

Campaign in the media that has made the world to announce that judgment day is May 21, has caught the attention of more than a few people with Centennial markings around 12th Street and Ute and Pitkin avenues.
Billboards showing the shape of a man praying for the height of the knees and say that "the Bible guarantees this."
Readers are directed to, the Ministry of Harold Camping, a former civil engineer from California, which has one of the leading figures of doomsday. Camping uses the media, as well as further the message of the missionaries.

Camp has said in interviews with media that calculated the date of judgment day, using the numbers in the Bible. Camping predicted the world will eventually 6 Sept 1994, but attributed the mistake to a mathematical error.

Decision day, otherwise known as the Rapture, is believed to be worth the time will be taken to heaven and others left for a time, murdered on Earth.

Camping provides further the end of the world will be five months later, silver 21.

Pastor of the Church Canyon View vineyard, Kirk Yamaguchi, said that it is not unusual to ask whether the recent natural disasters and civil unrest in the world, indicate the end of the world is near members of the Church.

Yamaguchi was in Japan, Southeast of Tokyo, makes missionary work, when there was an earthquake in March. When he returned from abroad, some members of the Church of queried on whether they believed the massive earthquake and tsunami was an indication of something more than a single catastrophe.

"I believe that when is coming to an end, it is quite extreme to know," he said.

Although it may seem, the world is already kosmo?storika facts — killer cyclones Midwest floods which struck Australia, earlier this year and political turmoil in the Middle East, to name a few — historical archives dating back hundreds of years are not clear about extremely destructive eventsAlthough there were likely, Yamaguchi said.

"It is possible that these are the birth pains, but you cannot say for definite," he said. "It is too much of a gray area. Love only to find things in a tizzy, instead living in fear and faith with a view. Actually it is not our job to nail that day or the hour that he is coming. If we are convinced that Jesus could come back every day makes us do things we should be doing. "

Proclamations claiming to highlight when the world can work for certain Christian groups their proselytism, but unfortunately blanket messages can cause nonbelievers to burst all of the people who practice for any number of Christian faith to cast as alarmistsPastor, said Barbara Johnson.

"Pessimists Fear is effective in bringing people to Christ. It is not effective for solving the problems of the world, "said Johnson, the American Lutheran Church. "This does not give people a sense of security."

Johnson said he is not listening to questions from members, if current may signal the beginning of the end of the world. However, members of the Church are anxious to help people from around the world who are victims of the disaster, either by natural causes or crimes against human beings.
"We will pray for those people, and many people pray with monetary gifts to organizations that help these people, Johnson said.

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