Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Nicole Seah Facebook

Nicole Seah Facebook

SINGAPORE: some political parties are beginning to experience problems with the sites, such as election fever in Singapore circles until in cyberspace.
Website of the National Solidarity Party (http://www.nsp.sg) has lower early Friday morning, after this election manifesto unveiled on Thursday.
The NSP posted on his Facebook page that "exploded quickly enough through our server, and is now in the midst of upgrading our digital media assets.
(1945hrs) Friday night, the website of the party was still that.
Traffic is seamlessly redirected to the page of Facebook NSP in http://www.facebook.com/nspsg.

Other socio-political websites such as the revision of Temasek also fluctuated according to the report sever problems recent – with some people sometimes cannot connect to the site.
Meanwhile, the NSP's new candidate, Ms. Nicole Seah continues to attract a great deal of interest online – with the number of Facebook fans page more than doubling since Thursday evening.
Near 10,000 fans are now following Ms Seah page from Tuesday.

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