Thursday, April 28, 2011



In the world of opposing attraction, nothing could be closer to the truth with the pair and their differences are so polar opposite that there is much common ground.
Stubborn Taurus finds the impracticality of annoying fish, while fish swim upstream forever is heard by the bull which is permanently right all the time. Double fish always pulled in opposite directions when you are trying to make a decision-the disappointed Bull stomps his foot, flares and nostril loses its temper.

Add this fish bad habit having an opinion about everything and Bull short fuse burning and have enough for an internal explosion.
In the bedroom, Taurus is a tease, while fish wants things to be done immediately if they wish. While the Bull will try to trample all over fish, fish will not accept the way out of the tight grip. This is perhaps the most painful love pair in the entire zodiac.
Famous couples: fish-Taurus (fish), Eva Longoria and Parker (Taurus), Tony and Jennifer Love Hewitt (fish) and Enrique Iglesias (Taurus).

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