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Tin PEI Ling spouse

Tin PEI Ling spouse

SINGAPORE, AFP, April 22, 2011) – When the ruling people's Action Party (PAP) has introduced a woman 27-year-old fresh-faced as one of the candidates for the elections next month, hoping to create buzz among young voters.
It got more than you expect when PEI Ling management consultant Tin and PAP came under attack over the Internet in terms of emphasis in a photograph posing with a Facebook of bag Designer.
Strictly regulated Singapore faces one of the most intense campaigning before the vote on May 7, thanks for the lifting of the ban on political campaign online and heavy infiltration of social media use among the population.
With elections for some time the advertising is prohibited in the print and broadcast media, the opposition — held in only two of 84 seats in the outgoing Parliament — the use of the Internet to pass the message to 2.35 million voters.
The PAP, which has governed since 1959, is in order, using the Internet and social media to keep its grip on power, with more than 200 video on the Web site are baby and with Ministers for Facebook profile pictures.
Although the campaign officially starts not until next week, all political parties are using Facebook, Twitter, blogs and their own Web sites for months to push their platforms and candidates.
"Politicians and parties in general are active in social media, especially on Facebook and Twitter, which is relatively popular in Singapore," said Kelly Choo, co-founder of online business intelligence firm Brandtology.
"People consuming political information either directly or through social networks, so it makes sense for them (politicians) to engage constituents through these channels."
Facebook has an estimated three million members in Singapore, which has a population of over five million.
Twitter is popular among young people, with one estimate placing local users of the micro-blogging site to over 900,000.
Furthermore, critics of the Government to set up alternative Web sites to address the pro-PAP mainstream media, attract like-minded "individuals" whose strident views filtered by local newspapers and television.
One of the most active politicians on Facebook is Foreign Minister George Yeo, the PAP incumbent in what is expected to be the most hotly contested ward elections.

Yeo — liked whose public page of Facebook was "much" more than 18,500 people from 21 April — had to create an alternate account of private page because some had reached the limit of 5000-friend, according to one of the locations.
Other senior members of Cabinet Facebook pages and the same, but the Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong is a.
Secretary-General of the opposition Singapore Democratic Party, Chee soon Juan said social media will be able to bypass pro-PAP newspapers and television stations.

"For the SDP will be crucial for us, given the situation of the media in Singapore, where everything is controlled by the ruling party, told AFP, while admitting that there will be a limited impact of social media in the short term.

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