Thursday, April 28, 2011

Belly Dance

Belly Dance

He began his career as a singer and musician. But soon turned to composition and compositions of got good acceptance in the mid-1950s. In the late 1950s, the then-famous Oum Kalthoum Sang his composition El Eih shelf and was a hit. Some other early synthetic Baligh Hamdi successes include "why not", sung by Faydah Kamel, also known as the song "Ma Thbinish be Al Shakl Dah (you don't love me like this)" by Fayza Ahmed and the song "Tkhounoh ([how] betray [my heart])" by Abdel Halim Hafs. For the next two decades was one of the most popular, successful and productive composers in the Arab world

Often, Baligh Hamdi said he wrote a musical ideas and aesthetics in Egyptian Folk melodies and rhythms in the composition of his songs. He also felt that the ideas in the contemporary music of his era. The sound has a classic taste due to the heavy use of String Orchestra. However, also made some use of electronic keyboards and guitars in harmony with the strings, or alternately with the strings in many songs.
The best work published as recordings under the name of the singer. Oum Kalthoum, singers include Abdel Halim Hafs, Shadia, Layla Murad, Fayza Ahmed, Aziza Jalal, Warda (he was married to Warda for nearly a decade), Sabah (was one of the spouses), Mayada Al Henawy and other singers.

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