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Good Friday

Good Friday

Bulgarian Christian Orthodox Saint Mark on April 18 Monday-Monday from the most significant for Christians Holy week – a week.
Holy week in Christianity is the last week of lent and the week before Easter. This includes religious holidays of Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday (Holy Thursday) and good Friday and lasts from Palm Sunday (or Eastern Orthodox, Lazarus Saturday) until Easter Sunday. Easter Sunday is the first day of the new season of the great fifty days.

Holy week commemorates the last week of the life of Jesus Christ as recorded in the canonical Gospels enchanting.
The days between Palm Sunday and Holy Thursday is known as Holy Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday Holy Shrines. The Gospels of these days recount events that occurred are not all the corresponding days between Jesus ' entry into Jerusalem and Supper.

During the Holy week services for each day are held from the previous night. Thus, the service of great Monday is sung Palm Sunday evening, and so on.
The Orthodox Church, great lent ends on the Friday before Palm Sunday, but the faithful continue fasting until Easter. Fasting during the Holy week are large and, indeed, very strict. Dairy products and meat products is prohibited. Most days, allowed no alcohol and no oil is used in cooking. Friday and Saturday are observed as strict fast days, meaning that nothing should be consumed on these days. However, fasting is always adjusted to the needs of the individual, and those who are very young or elderly patients, is not expected to fast as strictly.

Holy Monday, the Gospels tell the story of Jesus and the disciples traveling to Jerusalem for Passover, where he expelled the money changers from the temple, arguing that turning the temple into a den of thieves, through their trading activities

The Orthodox Church, Holy and great Wednesday in celebration for the sinful woman who anointed Jesus before the crucifixion and burial; a second issue is the agreement to betray Jesus by Judas Iscariot.

Maundy Thursday is connected with the Supper. The Supper is the final meal that Jesus Christ with the Twelve Apostles in Jerusalem shared before crucifixion. At dinner that night, Jesus was betrayed him or delivered through, gave disciples bread, saying that it was his body, which was damaged on the wine, and gave them, saying it was the new Covenant in his blood, and told them to do in his memory.

For kids in Bulgaria, Maundy Thursday is the most anticipated day of Holy week, delivery was to take very early and children went to monitor bird is the first of them to determine an egg. This was also the first egg to be colored, always in red. This is rubbed on cheeks of children for good health. The Orthodox Church, those who can not dye their eggs Thursday may do on Saturday.

Good Friday or Holy day is dedicated to the Crucifixion, passion of the Christ. Work and jobs are not allowed on this day – the only thing I can do is take advantage of the already colored eggs. Also food is prohibited. the faithful can only drink water.

Holy Saturday, people visit the graves of their departed section family and friend and sharing colored eggs and bread. This is the day to bake the traditional Easter bread, known as kozunak. Easter Vigil begins at midnight before Easter Sunday, which is the great feast and the culmination not only Holy week but throughout the whole year. This day is celebrated the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Considered the most important day of the Church year, as is the day on which Jesus rose from the dead. Easter Sunday is the main reason why Christians keep Sunday primary religious.

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