Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tiffany Ong Shu Ting

Tiffany Ong Shu Ting

Author of 23-YEAR-OLD fashion found dead in the bathroom of the estate of the family of origin Opera last Saturday night.
MS Tiffany Ong Shu Ting, who worked as a fashion writer for World magazine, was found naked near the toilet bowl from her mother, Lady Juliet Yew bee beekeeping. Madam Yew is said to have been tested for Ms Ong – which is believed to have suffered a fall – after this did not happen from the bathroom after a certain period of time.

Police said received a call about 8 40 pm tonight. MS Ong was pronounced dead about half an hour later.

During the subsequent meeting of the family corner terrace House in Lakme Street yesterday, her father, Mr Ong Chee Tiong, politely declined to interview.
A whole mourning has launched online by friends and colleagues called the "natural author". The online editor for the world, Ms. Niki Bruce, said: "my paper is both regrettable. He had a bright career ahead of her. "
Police said that classified the case as an unnatural death and investigations.

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