Tuesday, April 26, 2011



Christian Resurrection, a small private school in Loveland, licensed CHSAA boys team in a field, starting with the 2011-12 school year. And in accordance with the instructions, the CHSAA team can have players who live in Fort Collins, Loveland, Gunnison, Windsor or other nearby Communities, even if they do not witness the Resurrection Christian.
"The Governing Council of the school was to offer RCS something unique for Northern Colorado families, and it looks like a great hockey," said Scott Miller, Rocky Mountain Youth Pastor at a church in Estes Park and a driving force to bring Hockey School. "No other school North of Longmont has a CHSAA-team is punishable. RCS provides a platform for hundreds of families will try hockey. "

Poudre School District high schools do not field hockey teams-CHSAA sanctioned, although Fort Collins, fossil Ridge, Rocky Mountain Poudre and all club teams. The city groups all playing in the High Plains League Hockey, which has 37 teams and hundreds of players statewide.

Byron Alcorn, administrator for the Group club Fort Collins said he didn't know how to add Resurrection Christian club would impact the club teams.
"Children will now have a choice," said Alcorn. "They want to try for what essentially is an all-star group, or want to play for their school and their friends? Many want to play for the school with their friends. "
Miller, whose wife teaches at Resurrection Christian and whose three children go to school, including the hockey-playing high school, said he wasn't sure how many boys will try for the Club. Miller said the Cougars will retain 30 players on the list and can dress 20 each game.
"We've heard as 300-500 children, in accordance with the CHSAA," Miller said. "I would be glad if you tried the 60 children. I think it would be something in the middle of that. "

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