Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Friday good Sms

Friday good Sms

The Christian community living around the world will keep the GoodFriday2011 on 22 April to mark the impending Easter on 24 April. Prayers and rituals were carried out in all churches and special prayer ceremonies will be arranged by the middle of the night.
Good Friday, also known as Holy Thursday, good Friday is a holiday observed primarily by religious Christians commemorates the crucifixion of Jesus and his death on Calvary. Based on the details of the Gospels, Jesus ' crucifixion was probably Friday (John 19: 42). The estimated year of good Friday is AD 33, by two different groups, and originally as AD 34 by Isaac Newton via the differences between the biblical and Julian calendars and the Crescent of the moon.

A perfect God requires a perfect justice
This is not possible to let us get away with sin.
We used the gift of God's free will to speak to us
Thus, closed the gates of heaven. We couldn't get

I am a martyr's death da 2 Fearless
I am a token of the last promise – 4giveness
I am da STAYRoS blessings on good Friday ….
GOOD FRIDAY in my heart! Fear and affright
Thinking of the Apostles fled when
My words words words priest and soldier
I practice the spear to desecrate the dead
Can blesssings
Of the Lord
Shed light on the u
This Holy day
and can always be
To keep his beloved care
The aapko you nahi kahta k
The karta hun aapko msg to aap bhi mujhe msg karo.
Par simple pyare dosto tum bhi ho jinda
You can batane k liye ek msg Kar diya karo.
Ko Phool se pehle khusboo to dekho,
karne Ko se pehle kaam to dekho,
the naa kisike roop bano, diwana
Surat se pehle uske dil ko dekho to.
"O you who believe! When the call for prayer on Friday, then, I hasten to the remembrance of Allah and leave off negotiation; that is best for you, if you know. (Community 62.9) "
Martin Luther
Our Lord has written the promise of the resurrection, not only books, but each leaf in spring.

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