Monday, April 25, 2011

So-called Rave Master

So-called Rave Master

The new site provides the latest press releases and messages in quick to click format prior to a short list of new titles for graphics next month with the cover, the volume number and date. The news section is minimal so far, we only release from back in March and will not use the style sheets what securities to expect that it is difficult to say how easy to navigate to that section. The page titles is an interesting approach which could get bogged down in time as a bulleted list of the series, but if you click the row that shows the volumes and small cover for each one that you can click to see more detailed information. All assigned but as retrieves your in a new window on Random House, which is not a bad way to do overall.

The dates of adoption is my favourite though as shows off every month with volumes and a small cover, allowing you to get a good look at what is coming and hiring sell artwork. The firs two months have cover far and it is certainly good to see similar projects for many of them than we have seen before, and we see the coming soon for future volumes has graphic that you want to come back to see what they will be.
While the company's sites, especially manga, it is never what is total and Kodansha comics do not stray from that too much, what they have here is a simple but effective site that has lots of room to grow, but projects under the keep, apliAnoiti approach that want more sites would have been employed over the past few years. If you want to learn about books of Kodansha, the official site is definitely the place to check out.

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