Monday, April 25, 2011

New revision of temasek

New revision of temasek

War Party (PAP) candidate Tin PEI Ling newbie aka "TIN STOMPER ' Gets ' says valid» reviews on" serious "and that they are able to ' policy ' with the misery of ordinary Singaporeans.
In a brief speech to Rally YPAP 25th anniversary, Mr Tin rebutted citizens who are accused of the very young and without experiences of life, is an MP.
"I am the valid criticism seriously and humbly …. I'm new. I am a youth. But can empathise with and understanding of the pressures facing Singaporeans, "he said.
MS Tin was criticised by citizens of the previous comments that "health care and education costs are low in Singapore".

Despite intense public pressure to stand in a single location, Ms Tin did not reveal whether he intends to do so. This well afford to ignore the ' noise ' citizens since this would soon earn 15 K monthly as a PAP MP by entering the Parliament on the issue of Chief Minister. Goh Chok Tong.
The latest fracas is yet another example of PAP indifference of public opinion. As PAP Minister without portfolio Lim Swee say: heavens

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